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Will your nest egg money work for you in the face of an always uncertain future?

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Where will your retirement take you?

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At Compass Point, we have families, too… we believe in striving for full and enriching lives and helping you achieve the same.

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With our high Staff-to-Advisor ratio of 4-1, you get the access, dependability, and service you need to navigate the often overwhelming financial world.

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At Compass Point, we focus on the details, allowing you to focus on life experiences that matter most to you.

What’s in Your Next Chapter?

Compass Point is uniquely positioned to provide a smooth, well-informed transition to your retirement years.

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 12 Key Questions Every Retiree Must Answer

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Meet the Team

Find out why Mike likes being an “income engineer” 

Michael J. LaBrie
Principal Advisor & Co-Founder
“I’ve retired vicariously over 300 times…  I never get tired of it”.
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Social Security Information

There are 567 ways to collect Social Security… learn more to find out the best way for you.
With an estimated 94% of all U.S. workers covered, Social Security is a government program that is unique in that it affects nearly all of us. The following article serves as a basic guide to Social Security, how and why it started, and how your benefits are calculated. If you have any questions about Social Security, as always do not hesitate to contact us.
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Professional 401(k) Management

Could you be doing a better job managing your 401(k)?

Is Your 401(ok)

Your 401(k) account many be central to your retirement planning.  So if you lack the time, tools or confidence to manage your account in accordance with your retirement goals, let professional 401(k) Advisors help.

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GATT Rates

View present and past rates

  • Month GATT Rate
  • May 2015 2.96%
  • February 2015 2.57%
  • November 2014 3.04%
  • August 2014 3.20%
  • May 2014 3.39%
  • February 2014 3.66%
  • November 2013 3.80%
  • August 2013 3.76%
  • May 2013 3.11%
  • February 2013 3.17%
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