“Answering the 2nd Question”

What is a withdrawal rate and why does it matter? 

What are retirees afraid of?

 Do you know how much you can safely withdraw?

Does the 4% rule still apply? 

See the problem… and the solution!

Financial success in retirement requires new retirees to successfully answer two critical questions. Many focus almost solely on the obvious first question: How do we invest the money we’ve saved, without giving proper attention to the second question: “How much income can we plan to live on each month without running out?” No matter how well a retiree answers the first question, the second question – on its own – could determine financial success or failure in retirement.
A common method, maybe the most common, for addressing this critical second question involves using a decades old rule of thumb called: “The 4% Rule”. At Compass Point Retirement Planning, Inc. we understand how important this answer is, and our research has uncovered an important flaw, or missing element, in the otherwise simple genius of The 4% Rule.

When outcomes were tested on over two centuries of actual historical data, The 4% Rule sometimes worked very well. Yet quite often it would have failed in one of two ways – often dramatically – thereby leaving retirees facing running out of money early, or shortchanging the life they could have lived. We believe both problems were driven by the same missing puzzle piece.

Watch this short video to see the problem in action and a dynamic new solution. If you see why the second question is critical, contact us today for a no obligation and no cost analysis, then let us know if we can help you navigate towards that successful retirement horizon…

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